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What Our Service Entails

Are you looking for an apostille courier in Washington, D.C.? At Flash Delivery, we provide document authentication services for various applications. Some of the many options we provide for apostille services include:

  • Diplomas
  • Passports
  • Birth Certificates
  • Commercial Documents
  • Business Arrangements
  • IRS, FDA, and Other Federally Issued Documents
  • Criminal Background Documents
  • And More

Out-of-state business is often conducted in the D.C. metro area, and we want to save you the car trip here. Clients from other states (as well as in-state) can mail documents for Authentication or Apostille to our mailing address, below.

Our Mailing Address:

  • Flash Delivery Service
  • 4611 Assembly Dr. K
    Lanham, MD20706

Need Document Authentication?

We can have your documents authenticated at the U.S. State Department and then delivered to an embassy or mailed back to you. If you’re finding countless trips in and out of the area a bit of pain, our professional, experienced workers can do the legwork for you.

The Flash Delivery Difference

Have a document that needs service?

Let Flash Delivery take care of business for you!

We offer cutting-edge GPS monitoring and tracking on all shipments. You can always stay up to date on the status of your items because you’ll know where they are and when they’re going to arrive. All our well-trained drivers have at least 10 years of experience in the delivery industry. Put your trust in a company that is reliable, professional, and delivers quickly. We are extremely particular about each delivery—our drivers confidentially meet every deadline to keep our clients at ease.

Flash Delivery has been serving the northeast states for over 20 years. We provide some of the most cost-effective solutions available on the market today.

Connect With Our Staff

Don’t stress yourself out by making numerous journeys back and forth to get your document taken care of. Instead, contact Flash Delivery Service, and we’ll handle it for you. If you need an apostille courier in Washington, D.C., call us today.