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You need to send a file or a shipment down the east coast. And, you need it to get there today! Don’t panic. At Flash Delivery Service, we are a long-distance courier in Washington, D.C., as well as Maryland and Virginia. From legal documents and court filing deliveries to food catering and pallet deliveries—we provide a provision of premium-grade long-distance delivery services at Flash Delivery.

We understand your urgency and offer long-distance delivery service to any state on the East Coast and beyond. We can generally get a box or file anywhere in the country on the same day. With Flash Delivery Service, you’ll know where your packages are at all times with our state-of-the-art GPS tracking system. You’ll never have any concerns about the safety of your packages or when they’ll arrive.

Where We Service

We pick up in the Washington D.C. metro and surrounding areas and deliver to all major cities including Richmond VA., North and South Carolina, Boston, Philadelphia, New York City and many more. When you entrust your belongings with a high-quality long-distance courier company like us, you can expect high-end customer service, professional-quality care, and fast deliveries.

The Flash Delivery Experience

Our professional drivers have an average of 10 years-experience moving items around the country. They know the best routes and will make sure your package is delivered quickly. We have all the necessary vehicles and equipment to ensure your package makes it to your doorstep. Priority number one is getting your items to the proper destination fast while delivering exceptional customer care.

Shipping across the country can be stressful. Simplify your situation by allowing Flash Delivery to handle all the details for you. From beginning to end, you can expect your experience to be quick, smooth, and stress-free.

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Don’t waste any more of your time worrying about how to deliver your item across the country. Let the industry-leading long-distance courier in Washington, D.C., handle it for you. Call our team today at 202-355-6409, and we’ll help you begin the process.

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